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The Course comprises:

  • 5 individual transmissions from Master Kuthumi and a Family of the Golden Heart
  • Artwork done by Aryana Meer that reflects your Soul’s Purpose. There are guided meditations and practices that are offered to you in between the sessions.
  • Sessions can be done online or in person.
  • Time frame is discussed individually, may vary from 1 week to 1 month.
  • The artwork is being created during the process without your physical presence. The vision of the artwork is channeled during one of the sessions.
The work we offer is essential. Is it very important to support the souls that fight, pray, long to become free. Gradually even deeply enslaved souls seeing more and more birds soaring freely in a boundless sky will realize that freedom and knowing thyself, trusting thyself is their birthright

Key points:

  • Guiding thread of your Path
  • Dark and Light qualities of the Soul
  • Weaknesses of the Qualities
  • Vision of the Highest unfoldment of the Qualities
  • Putting your gifts at the service of Higher Purpose
  • Centering in the Heart
  • Recognizing what holds you back and letting it go
  • Energy activation of the Artwork

What this process is about

During the process you are given a perspective on the intrinsic qualities of the soul that you came here on earth with and to which extent these qualities are developed in you. Some qualities are already in full blossom from your past incarnations while others require your work in unfolding them in this life time. This understanding paves the path in front of you. The more you decide to unfold your potential and unfold those qualities the more you choose the direction in life in accordance with it.

By realizing what your qualities and gifts are and to which extent they are developed, you get to see the most precise and direct path in front of you that serves your self-realization.

We will also look at the qualities from the perspective of light and darkness. It doesn’t imply negative and positive and so it doesn’t mean that dark qualities are to be judged or improved and light qualities to be fostered. The dark and the light here represent different times of the soul like day and night. You can’t say that the day is good and the night is bad and so in the same way the qualities of the soul are looked through the perspective of day and night.
We will look at the weaknesses of each quality, at its Achilles’ heel where things can go in a strange direction, out of tune and get destructive. How each quality has to be aligned with the highest purpose that resides in the heart and be at its service.

- Great! I want it! How do I book?

- Write me a request. I will send you all the details to proceed.


In the transmission Aryana invites the presence of ascended master Kuthumi and the Family of the Golden Heart to speak through her. Staying present, watchful and alert, she puts herself on the side and lets him speak.
One experiences a loving vertical presence of the Masters that support, uplift and help you to remember what is the most important.
They answer all kind of questions and give you guidance.


The Artwork of your Soul Path is a painting that reflects your soul’s gifts and qualities and gives you energetic support and clarity in moving forward in life in alignment with your heart. It helps you to remember and to keep remembering what is the most important.

It grounds and manifests in the material realm all the energy and information that you receive and open in yourself during this work. In a symbolical form it becomes a constant support and a reminder of your purpose and your path.
Depicted in physical form your purpose becomes clearer, more solid and more calling for action.
It is not just a picture to decorate your wall, it is a call for action. A call to drop any compromises that you have done with yourself, any fears that maybe holding you back.

It is a call to walk courageously and boldly your unique path of blossoming and shining fully in the grace of who you truly are.

What Kuthumi shares about this process:

Path of the Soul weaves together with the intention, and intention serves as means for realization. Each step that you make on your path serves the unfoldment of it. Your path is unraveling in front of you and your potential is opening in synchronicity.

It is important to walk your path. Otherwise the scenario of the soul is disturbed. In the fibers of the soul, in its strings the path is embedded as a seed that has to grow.
If you go astray for any reason, then your path unfolds as a tree that grows in a distorted way, not as it was meant to. A tree will be frail and weak or a sprout will not even become a tree. That’s why it is so important to know your path and not to lose it.
In modern world almost all education, upbringing and accustomed style of life aims to make you forget who you are, where you are coming from and what is your path. You are made to doubt yourself, your feelings and intuition. Human being is castrated, deprived of natural gut feeling and intuitive knowledge of what is correct for him and his unique path. As a result millions of people completely lose a guiding thread, direction, knowledge of themselves.
They tread a path offered by a conditioned society and even if they don’t admit it to themselves, they feel deep frustration lurking on the background. To tread the path of a conditioned society means to live a life of a slave, of a prisoner, whose soul languishes as a canary in a cage, longing to come out and fly freely.

The most dangerous is that the slavery slowly penetrates the soul. And there are birds who got so accustomed to their cages that even when the door is opened, they refuse to fly out and soar up into an infinite sky of freedom.

That’s why the work we offer is so essential. Is it very important to support the souls that fight, pray, longing to become free. Gradually even deeply enslaved souls seeing more and more birds soaring freely in a boundless sky will realize that freedom and knowing thyself, trusting oneself is their birthright.

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