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Help with any kind of life situations, personal struggles, existential matters
A loving uplifting presence of the Masters
A flow of healing compassionate energy that you receive together with the words
Shedding light at the areas in your life that you don’t see clearly
Giving you a different point of view that helps you to come out of habitual patterns
Information and advice from the perspective of spiritual growth
Clarity on different choices that are possible and different roads in front of you
Unpredictable revelations


What is a Transmission?

It is a channeling session when I open myself to the high-vibrational guides in the invisible and let them transmit their widom and energy through me to you.
One experiences a loving vertical presence of the Masters that support, uplift and help you to remember what is the most important. They answer your questions about any kind of life situations, personal issues and struggles, existential matters.
All the information given is never an obligation or order. It is a suggestion. It is more about shedding light at the areas of your life that you don’t see clearly; a precious opportunity to ask a question to a Master and get a different point of view and a flow of healing compassionate energy that comes together with the words.
It is not an oracle, they don’t predict the future. However you get a perspective on different choices that are possible and different roads in front of you.
It is an opportunity to receive a guidance from the Master. The Master points at the moon, you have to take responsibility to look at what he points at and to see it. He also washes your lenses so you could see without distortion but he doesn’t do the work for you.

Kuthumi and Shambala

Kuthumi is an Ascended Master and he is a part of the white brotherhood of light together with Morya and Jual Kur. I am personally connected very much with Kuthumi since he was my master in a couple of my past lives and in this life I remembered the link and the lives. So I feel very much at home in his presence. He was also one of the masters of the family of Roerich that I am also deeply connected to. Roerichs are a special Russian family, where Nikolai Roerich was an artist and his wife Elena channeled the whole spiritual teaching called Agni Yoga into many books.
Master Kuthumi
N.Reorich "Fiat Rex"
Master Morya

How does it happen?

The session can be done over a video call or in person.
The time of the reading is open and depends on individual case and number of questions, it is between 50 to 80 minutes.
It is possible to have a one-question session. The time then is around 15-30 minutes. It all depends on the amount of information and work needed in each particular case.
When done online the participant needs to set a space for a session. It has to be a space where one can be alone and feel comfortable.
Write to me for further details

What kind of questions can I ask?

You can ask any kind of question – from a very personal and vulnerable one to existential. The more you open yourself through sharing, the more information you receive.

It is always unpredictable!

It is about what you need in the moment with the intention to help you grow.
The transmission can be recorded if desired. It can be very useful to listen to it again. It is a beautiful and mysterious experience to help you in here and now.

About channeling:

When I share this work I feel that I am finally at the right place, doing the right thing between the sky and the earth, right in the heart, the heart that is in action, love and compassion in action flowing through me, unveiling unexpected information for people, providing a lot of value from an unexpected corner.

These are main points for me:

magic, unexpected point of view and a compassionate presence of the Master.

It's amazing! And I feel really humble being able to do this work. I never wanted it or searched for it. I just wanted to be a successful painter not a mystic!
My mind was freaking out at first, I was so skeptical about esoteric things. Now I find trust in my capacity to discern, to separate seeds from the shells, to be able to watch with clarity and alertness, and above all growing in love, deepening the connection with my heart and the great heart, with the pulse of existence.
It is through a sincere prayer of the heart that I remembered my soul family.
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