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Soul Portrait Painting

Are you sure that the face you see every day in the mirror is your original face? ​

Areas of exploration:
  • Here we question one of our strongest identifications – the identification with our physical appearance. 
  • We have so many ideas about ourselves and labels that others put on us. They prevent us from experiencing ourselves in our true nature
  • Looking deep inside yourself 
  • Unleashing layers of personalities 
  • Enjoying the play with paints, movement and meditation techniques 

What will you get from the workshop? 

  • You will create a number of paintings that reflect different aspects of your inner world and carry important messages for your life path and relationship with yourself.
  • You will discover tools of using painting as a map of your inner world and as a support on your life path.
  • You will get to know yourself and your inner world a little bit more.
  • You will experience moments of peace, tranquility, presence. Everything that meditation brings.
  • You will become more alive, creative and discover something new. 

Who is this workshop for?

It is for everyone who loves paints and who seeks to know themselves. It is for those who seek to find the answer to the question: “Who is in?” and likes to stay playful with it.You are not required to be a professional artist in order to participate.

A little more...

This workshop is a fruit of my 11-years experience in painting Soul Portraits. What is Soul Portrait? It is seeing the other as he or she is truly beyond layers of defences, personlities, identifications. Individual practice touched hearts of many people and their portraits continue supporting and inspiring them.
The workshop was born out of it. It is about you yourself with my guidance looking inside yourself and encountering different layers of who you are. You yourself with the help of the tools that I offer, investigate and paint your inner world. Deliver images and messages from within. We will use some of the meditation techniques from Osho, some of what I composed and create together a beautiful circle of the heart that brings a little bit more love and understanding to all of us.


Marina, Moscow
Marina, Moscow
 “I came for the workshop in order to dissolve in that space, to receive new experience, to understand myself better and to leave things that are not needed anymore. I received a new vision, new experience that is incomparable, what Aryana does is really great. There is something special in her work, that touches. I met her for the first time but I felt relaxed and at ease with her. And I realise that all is well. I enjoyed the meditation techniques, found crazy and inspiring images inside myself. Cosmic! Sometimes I would dissapear and fly so high that I was scared not to return! What I take with me: I feel I gained some power and confidence that I have n't worked with before. And as a confirmation of my big plan, of my life path I created a painting. Feeling very grateful!”
Sergei, Moscow 
Sergei, Moscow 
 “This workshop gave me an opportunity to feel myself, to become more confident and find out many new aspects of myself! It was a precious experience that I would love to repeat endlessly because the space created during these days was very familiar and warm. It really inspired me to be with likeminded people and to move in the same direction of inner exploration as a family. And the most important for me that I made it! I was afraid of not being able to express myself and not to have any visions or messages to express. But what came out is really powerful. Visions that I receive due to methods offered by Aryana really work. I think it is also important that I was able to trust completely and give myself fully to all the practices, so the result I received equals to my involvement. I love the paintings I've made!”
Some of the artworks of the participants 
Natasha, Moscow 
Natasha, Moscow 
“It was a great space for creativity and connecting with myself. I was amazed with the images I saw of myself and of the messages that I received during the times I wouldn't expect – like dancing or simply relaxing at the breaks. I feel how deeply related my paintings with my current situation in life. It helps me to sort it out. I would surely come again and explore more!” 

Nadezhda, Moscow

“It was really important to me to find my “Inner Sun”. I tend to be moody and sad, focusing too much on negative things in life, so to realize that I have a big source of light within me and to depict it on paper in a simple childlike shape was a great insight. I'll keep it close by me to remind me when I forget”