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Below you will find all my available artworks with sizes and prices. Shipping is not included in the price. I ship from Italy all over the world. The painting is sent without a frame.
If you really like a painting but it feels over your budget, make me your offer, let's see if we can find a solution that is good for us both.
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The Spirit of the Mountains. Diptych. Miniatures



Watercolor on Canson paper, 16x24 cm
90 euro
When we are in the mountains deep silence descends on us. The thoughts seem to be so far away and we don't hear them anymore. We sink deeper and deeper. And from the very depth emerges a mysterious sound. A sound beyond sounds, a primordial sound of creation.

The Flame remains the Flame

Watercolor on Canson paper, 14,8x21 cm
90 euro

Artwork is inspired by an artwork of Nikolai Rerich "Chintamani". 

Lucid Dreams

watercolor on paper, 29,7x42 cm
70 euro

A watercolor fantasy that I made after spending 3 days in the darkness retreat. Seeing the light of day again, I wanted to play with vibrant colors that felt even more alive after the experience

From left to right
"Sweet Surrender" pencil on paper, 26,7 x19 cm 90 euro
"In simplicity" Ink on paper, 29,7x42 cm 90 euro
"Scream" pencil on paper, 25x36 cm 90 euro

pencil on paper, 29,7x42 cm

Inbetween lives. Traveling through Bardo.

watercolor and gouache on paper, 
55,5 x 75,5 cm
650 euro

The womb of creation through which we die and we are born.
An old friend of mine depicts the whole epoch in my life. I made it when I came to Pune, India for the first time in 2008. I had an amazing tiny room just nearby Osho's ashram, it was a place of benediction, silence, and peace. It took me around a month. I was painting my memory of dying, letting go of the family I loved, and traveling through the space between lives, where my soul traveled before being born again. This painting was very healing and coincided with my first ayahuasca experience, so I added finishing touches after the ceremony letting go of that past life in an African tribe that was chasing me for years.
This artwork traveled countries with me, I never wanted to sell it but now I feel it is time to share it with someone who will feel touched by it.

Remembering Africa

Acrylics on paper
550 euro
100x80 cm

Again this artwork I made in Pune India in 2008. It is an old friend that I never wanted to sell. It is big in size, the paper is quite light though, well, I had to use what I had at hand. Framed it will look intense and beautiful. I made it in the night of a full moon eclipse in one passionate go, where I could totally express the essence of the past life that was chasing me for years making me do dangerous things and go to unsafe places.
The face on the left is the face of a man that I loved crazily in my past life and that I kept on seeing in this life, like daydreaming, kept having visions of his face, I made hundreds of drawings almost like automatic writing, always the same face. The face on the right is my face in that past life and the figure walking away in the middle is me leaving my village to be with that man. I am still amazed by the tiny details I remember about that past life.
Good for me ayahuasca calmed me down and I stopped looking for the guy!

Dragons. Diptych.
A Red Dragon. Charmed by Flowers.
A Water-Dragon. Going with the Flow.
Watercolor and Ink on Canson paper,
30x30 cm
sold together
600 euro

Tantric Heart

watercolor on paper,
24x24 cm
300 euro
Deep in the heart, a lotus is opening. The star of the master is shinning bright beckoning the seed to open and follow the Path. 
The connection with the Master is a blessing and a challenge, it is a never-ending call to wake up and to be free.
The Heart embraces the whole of the cosmos. 
​This artwork reflects this very essential connection between a disciple and a master

Self-Portrait. A Praying Dragon.

Watercolor and ink on Canson paper,
30x30 cm
not for sale

Sacred Garden of the Heart. Seasons

Series of 4 artworks
29,5 x 42 cm, pencil on paper
I sell them together as one
3500 euro

I especially like using a simple pencil and it served me well in my intention of exploring the transmission of life force through the movement of a hand onto the paper.
It is different from my other artworks because I didn’t get any visions for these works but I was fully following the flow of my life force allowing it to express itself on paper.
The sacred garden of the heart is a place inside where we dwell with what is and go through different seasons and every season has its unique beauty and flavor.
This series has been exhibited in my native city Rostov-on-Don, Russia in a couple of well-known places.


Inner Jungle

Pencil on paper, 35,3 x 29,6 sm,
300 euro

Tantric Series. Master's Guidance

6 artworks, 24 x24 cm ink on bamboo paper 
350 each
The artwork "The fire of a victorious light" was exhibited in Boomer Gallery, London in the summer of 2020
This series was created when I was following the special guidance of my Tantra Master Leela.
I will not reveal its details, I can simply say it was very intense and let the pictures reveal the story behind it!

Tantric Series. Ecstatic Union

A series of 2 artworks were created inspired by my collaboration with Elie Saz. I have made a cover for his album of meditative music that is called "Ecstatic Union". I went ahead creating my vision of the Union. 

Silent Bliss

Ink on Canson paper, 26,5x26,5 cm  Sold

Ecstatic Union. A flight of a dragonfly

Ink on Canson paper, 30x30 cm
550 euro
The flight of the Dragonfly is about a union with the whole of existence. The couple in the embrace in the middle of the picture has almost dissolved. Their egos have melted into the flow of nature around. Everything merges and blends together - the stars, the animals, dragonflies. Their energy is flowing in perfect synchronicity with all there is.

Rebelious Spirit 

50x70 cm
Watercolor on paper
450 euro
I have created this piece to support one's inner fire and to get in tune with the force inside that doesn't compromise, that looks fear straight into the eyes and goes boldly straight ahead following its path.


watercolor and ink on Fabriano paper
55,6 x 76,5 sm
1200 euro

Kundalini Rising. Opening of the Heart.

Pencil drawing on paper,
86x61 cm
550 euro
The Energy of Kundalini passionately flows up, all the dual forces, when rising meet in the center which is the Heart. From there the energy is shooting upwards into the sky beyond skies opening the wings of the soul to fly into eternity.
Let this drawing inspire and awaken, bringing up the memory of the forgotten mysteries.
Made in 2012 this drawing has been traveling with me around India, Bali, Russia, and Italy. It was exhibited in a couple of places in India. It is very dear to me as it was made in a very special moment when I had the experience depicted. It is now like an old friend, a bit worn out but still very powerful. I feel that traveling with me all over the place it has been enriched by all the places it has visited, seen and was seen by. It is a pencil on paper, the simplest material possible, but the pencil has tremendous power. The simplest material is the best sometimes to reveal the energy and the form behind it. It is a fragile material as well. So one can see little signs of traveling on it if you check the close-ups. However, I feel it adds a certain beauty to the work.
It is not new, it is someone who has seen the world. Just frame it well and it will add beauty and insight to your space.