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Sacred Garden of the Heart. Seasons

Series of 4 artworks
29,5 x 42 cm, pencil on paper

Pencil serves well in transmitting life force onto the paper.
Instead of getting a vision and then depicting it, here I was fully following the flow of my life force allowing it to express itself on paper.
The sacred garden of the heart is a place inside where we dwell with what is and go through different seasons and every season has its unique beauty and flavor.
This series has been exhibited in my native city Rostov-on-Don, Russia in a couple of well-known places an received rewards from the Rostov Art Union in 2012.


Zen series

Vastness of the Soul

Ink and watercolor on Canson paper 30x30 sm

Tantric Series

Master's Guidance

6 artworks, 24 x24 cm ink on bamboo paper 
The artwork "The fire of a victorious light" was exhibited in Boomer Gallery, London in the summer of 2020
This series was created under the special guidance of my Tantra Master Leela.

Ecstatic Union

A series of 2 artworks were created inspired by my collaboration with Elie Saz. I have made a cover for his album of meditative music that is called "Ecstatic Union". I went ahead creating my vision of the Union. 

Silent Bliss

Two lovers are performing a circle of light meditation
Ink on Canson paper, 26,5x26,5 cm  

Ecstatic Union. A flight of a dragonfly

Ink on Canson paper, 30x30 cm
The flight of the Dragonfly is about a union with the whole of existence. The couple in the embrace in the middle of the picture has almost dissolved. Their egos have melted into the flow of nature around. Everything merges and blends together - the stars, the animals, dragonflies. Their energy is flowing in perfect synchronicity with all there is.

Yab Yum
Ink, acrylic and watercolor on Canson paper
30x30 cm


Acrylic on canvas 90x60 cm 2014
Painted live and exhibited in Mandala Fest, Moscow
Study sketches


watercolor and ink on Fabriano paper
55,6 x 76,5 sm

Rebelious Spirit 

50x70 cm
Watercolor on paper

I have created this piece to support one's inner fire and to get in tune with the force inside that doesn't compromise, that looks fear straight into the eyes and goes boldly straight ahead following its path.

A Praying Dragon

Watercolor and ink on Canson paper,
30x30 cm
650 euro

Dragons. Diptych.
A Red Dragon. Charmed by Flowers.
A Water-Dragon. Going with the Flow.
Watercolor and Ink on Canson paper,
30x30 cm
sold together
600 euro

Soul Portrait Series

Watercolor and ink on hahnemuhle paper
Selected works 2015-2020
From left to right:
Soundless Sound
Master of Love
Essence of the flower from which all flowers are born