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Artwork and a series of transmissions dedicated to being together in a sacred union and partnership. 

For those longing to awaken through love...

This work is for you if you have an intention of growing spiritually, emotionally, mentally with a partner, if you see a relationship as a challenge that accelerates growth where a partner is first of all a friend, a companion on the path of personal evolution, a comrade for awakening.
It is for you if you want to come out of usual games, manipulations, dependencies, to live in truth and to rise in love learning what love is, learning to love deeper and higher every day of your life.

For Couples

  • The artwork depicts the highest potential of the union, the gifts of the meeting and contribution of each partner.
  • a support in existing relationship to see and tune into the higher potential of your couple
  • to see what each one of you brings into the relation
  • realizing gifts of your meeting
  • seeing challenges as gifts
  • uplifting challenges of the meeting through understanding, awareness and love
  • realizing each one’s contribution into the union
  • deepening intimacy and friendliness between partners
  • creating a solid intention to walk a path of growing together (if you wish)

For Singles

  • A painting transmits an uplifting energy of manifesting the intention
  • support in finding and creating a loving relationship based on higher values  
  • clarifying your values and a longing for being together
  • letting go of repetitive stories in your life
  • letting go of limiting believes
  • healing dignity
  • embracing the power of decision
  • owning your power to act and manifest what you desire

- Great! I want it! How do I book?

- Write me a request. I will send you all the details to proceed.

For Couples

A process for couples that helps to find out what each of the partners is bringing into relationship, how the energies are interacting and what is the higher purpose of the meeting, what is the teaching, what each one can learn from the interaction in order to grow and open his or her gifts more. It is about sincerely looking at the here and now of the relationship and observing the potential. What can be done, learnt, transcended together. How two people can reach togetherness instead of co-dependence, how love can bloom between them instead of games and manipulations.
It can be a process to support the deepening of intimacy and friendliness between partners, reminding them of sacred gifts of their union and what each one’s contribution to this sacred union, how each one can stay in his or her individuality and together at the same time. How the difficulties and challenges of the relationship can be overcome by understandings, common intentions and power of love.
The artwork depicts the highest potential of the union, the gifts of the meeting and contribution of each partner into it.

For Singles

This is the process for someone who is not in a relationship but wants to have one. It is dedicated to clarifying your longing for being together, and all the details that are personally important for you in a relationship that you want to create. We will look at the values, synchronizing them with the path of your soul, your believes about what you deserve and don’t, self’worth, dignity. Healing past experience, letting go of the repetitive story with the power of clear decision and intention.
A painting created for you will be a painting that is a fruit of inner work and an uplifting energy of manifesting the intention. However you are the one manifesting it, you are the one taking responsibility with the support of the tool. It is not a magic wand that turns a Cinderella into a princess;
it is a tool to support your own power of manifestation and attraction. It will support you to move in the direction where your longing can manifest into reality in order for you to grow in love and togetherness. As growing together is a blessing.

On a practical level

  • 5 individual sessions-transmissions from Master Kuthumi and the Family of the Golden Heart
  • Recorded guided meditations and individual recommendations to follow in-between sessions
  • An artwork "Togetherness" made by Aryana Meer, vision channeled from the Family of the Golden Heart
  • Artwork is created without your physical presence; the vision is channeled during one of the sessions
  • Sessions are done online or in person.
  • Artwork can be sent to you by mail
  • You investigate yourself deeply under the guidance of Masters while painting is being made.

Write me a message! I will send you all the details to proceed.