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2012 MA in arts - Southern Federal University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia
2004-2006 Academy of Architecture and Art, Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Selected Exhibitions
Solo exhibition “Soul Portrait” at Osho Afroz Meditation Center, Lesvos, Greece
Group exhibition Festival d’Art Sacré, Les Poissons du Ciel, Paris
Group exhibition “Contemporary Mood” Boomer Gallery, London
Group exhibition at Agni Spirit Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
Solo exhibition at “Path of Awakening” retreat centre, Moscow, Russia
Solo exhibition at “Path of Awakening” retreat centre, Moscow, Russia
Solo exhibition “Soul Portrait” in the Garden of Dreams Art Gallery, Arambol, Goa, India
Solo exhibition at “Path of Awakening” retreat center, Moscow, Russia
Solo exhibition and live painting for an official release of new album of Elie Saz “Ecstatic Union”
Club Lite, Amsterdam
Album design cover “Ecstatic Union” for Elie Saz
Solo exhibition “Inner Landscapes” Zorba the Buddha resort and a spiritual center, Delhi, India
Solo exhibition “Way of the heart” retreat center, St. Petersburg, Russia
Solo exhibition “Mystic Art” at Oshoanic Gallery, Arambol, Goa
Group exhibition “Open Air” Art Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Group exhibition “Mandala” Art Gallery, Radaland, Moscow, Russia
Group Exhibition “Biotransformations”, Don State Public Library, Rostov, Russia
Group Exhibition Pushkin Art Gallery, Rostov, Russia
Solo exhibition “Devotion” Osho Meditation Resort, Pune, India
Illustrations for the book “Tantra. Hidden Mysteries” by Pema Gitama 2017
Published by Kaula Heart of All 2017

Artist Statement


It is beautiful when an artist is a seeker of truth, the one who walks on a spiritual path in search of awakening. The highest purpose of Art is to depict the invisible for it to be seen by an ordinary eye. It requires from an artist not only a skill of depiction but a capacity to see beyond the veils of Maya and a willingness to sharpen and purify his vision to serve the world as a pure conductor of light and thus to support people in becoming their true selves joyful and free.

An artist is a mystic and his task is to transmit the mystical dimension that is available to him into the world of material form.

I search for the balance between empty spaces and the exuberance of details that point to the main theme of the artwork. I create paintings with the intention for them to serve as doors into the dimension of a higher frequency, where one can fly and experience that which lies beyond tangible.


I devote a lot of time and focus to a special meditation practice that helps me purify my vision, connect with my Masters and clarify an intention. I do it individually as customized work for clients as well as visionary art ready to be purchased. Once I got the vision, I make a sketch and search for the best form and composition. Usually, I keep the vision as pristine as I saw it in meditation. It is almost like drawing from a photograph with the difference that I have this photograph inside my head.

The visions I get and the artworks I create out of them are usually symbolic, including realistic shapes that I form in an illustrative style including decorative elements. My artworks remind tarot cards. I could probably say I am close to surrealistic expression with the difference that I am not interested in dreams but in awakening.
It is good to paint a dream only if it helps to identify an illusion for it to collapse.
I give a lot of importance to the watcher, to the one observing the artwork I created. It is essential to find a space of deep watching from where one can enter into the mystery of the painting and see it with the eyes of the heart that are not conditioned by the mind. If the observer looks at my artwork through the filter of an incessant thinking process, it will not reach his very guts, it will not bring insight.
So when I offer customized art processes I include special meditation sessions that help to penetrate the mystery that unfolds beyond the “small” mind.