• Italy

Since 2012 Aryana has been making Soul Portraits. Individual paintings that reflect the inner light, essence of a person, serving as an outer gate to dive deep inside oneself. She has always been channeling visions for these artworks but didn’t dare to let the channeling come through words and her voice until in 2020 she found herself in a lockdown in a small Italian olive groove. It was a turning point where she realized that she cannot go anywhere outside in search of guidance. She literally couldn’t physically go and meet her teacher Pema Gitama, couldn’t be in her retreat.
It was a breakthrough moment for Aryana because she finally dared to fully step into her gift and talk to the Masters, discover who they are, their teachings and open to their healing compassionate presence. She has deepened her connection with ascended master Kuthumi and a Family of the Golden Heart and became their channel.
Through this collaboration she has developed new offerings and processes to share with the world – that turn to be a mysterious, powerful and colorful blend of guided meditations, transmissions through words and artworks. It is a deepening and expansion of the Soul Portrait work that she has been already doing.